Have You Been Struggling With Persistent Anxiety?

Have you been experiencing panicked sensations on a regular basis – sweating, racing heart, sweaty palms, or increased blood pressure? Do these feelings occur when you have to give a talk or presentation at work, during social events, or in anticipation of a big life change? Do you struggle to “hold it together” in front of your partner or children?

Maybe your anxiousness is related to a new life development, such as moving to a new city or state, starting a new job, having a baby, or leaving the religion in which you were raised. The fear of not knowing what will happen, or how you will adjust, keeps you feeling stuck, uncertain, and afraid for the future.

Freedom from anxiety is possible

Freedom from anxiety is possible

You may constantly worry about saying or doing something embarrassing in front of other people or being misinterpreted in a big way by your boss or kids. Your anxiousness may be so intense that it forces you to procrastinate, sabotaging your ability to live up to your full potential. Consequently, this may result in feeling guilty and embarrassed – as if you’re a bad employee, homemaker, or even a bad person. Meanwhile, your obligations are starting to pile up – school assignments, work deadlines, social obligations, spouse and kids needing attention. The thought of having to do it all makes you unable to relax, catch your breath, and may even lead to panic attacks.

No matter what you do to feel better, your negative self-talk could be keeping you further from where you want to be. Your mind may be projecting all kinds of unpleasant outcomes to situations you will likely never have to face, making it increasingly difficult to get out of bed in the morning. But the more you try to tell your brain to just stop it, the more, “stuck,” out of control, and emotionally drained you might feel.

Do you wish you could live without constant exhaustion from relentless worry?

Chronic Anxiety And Anxiety Disorder Is More Common Than You Think

Many people experience mild to chronic anxiety. It doesn’t mean that you’re broken, or  abnormal, or defective. Anxiety is a normal emotion on the spectrum of human experience. The experience of anxiety is not inherently bad. What is likely creating a problem for you and may be keeping you stuck is your relationship to the experience of anxiety (i.e, how you view it).

For some, anxiety can be rooted in genetics. Others may not have a family history of anxiety, but grew up with parents who modeled worrying behavior, which you may have subconsciously picked up at a young age.

Interestingly, common axioms like “Don’t worry, be happy” can end up making you feel worse about yourself, because the command to “stop worrying” is simply easier said than done. You may feel that your thoughts are out of control, and it requires more than a simple command to redirect them elsewhere.

The “hamster wheel” of anxiousness is difficult to get out of on your own, which is why many people decide to seek anxiety treatment. Therapy is a validated and effective way to overcome the vicious cycle of chronic worry and fear. Breyta can match you with a licensed anxiety therapist who can show you how to unlearn problematic behaviors and introduce valuable coping skills for dealing with uncertainty.

Why Choose Anxiety Therapy?

Many people try to “fix” their anxiety on their own, not realizing that the underlying cause of it is deeper than they think. At Breyta, you can find an anxiety therapist who can help you recognize and understand why your worries and fears are so prevalent – to the point that they are interfering with your life. With the right approach, you can learn the skills you need to live fully without being weighed down by the chaos in your mind.

Breyta psychologists utilize evidence-based therapies that are grounded in research. Their effectiveness can be observed in the way our clients’ thought patterns have been changed for the better, resulting in changed lives. In our sessions, we don’t just “peel the onion” by asking general questions about your life and background: The purpose of our sessions is to form concrete solutions and strategies to handle your anxiety, tailor-made to each client depending on their unique needs. We can help you understand that you have more freedom and capability than you realize. You are not limited in your ability to live a full and productive life just because you struggle with anxiety. Our methods are rooted in the most cutting-edge Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). We help you change your relationship to anxious thoughts and feelings, learn to be more present, and engage in meaningful behaviors.

Your level of commitment contributes to the healing power of therapy. Like cooking, we will give you all the ingredients you need for an effective recipe – but the key ingredient is a commitment to showing up, being open, and being willing. That is what makes therapy so effective. When you put the “ingredients” into practice, you will find that anxiety loses some of its power.

You May Still Have Questions About Anxiety Therapy…

I’ve tried therapy before, but it didn’t work for me.

Avoidance is a big part of anxiety, but odds are, it has caught up to you more than you realize. Therapy for anxiety can give you better coping tools than what you may have used before. You are stronger than you know.

What if talking about my anxiety just makes me feel worse?

Let us help you bring your life back into balance

Let us help you bring your life back into balance

If you are willing to be open about your experience and learn to sit with your emotions to build the skills to be present in the here and now, that will help the anxiety be less scary. Therapy can help transform your relationship to your anxiety to make it more manageable. Think about all the times you tried to “avoid” your anxiety by not talking about it or not going somewhere. Did it work? No. Avoidance is a great short-term solution but it doesn’t ever get rid of the root of the problem. It will never actually help your anxiety “go away”. Odds are during those times you thought you were avoiding it the anxiety was present with you in the background anyway and as soon as you stopped the avoidance behavior the volume turned back up on the anxiety. Therapy is a long-term solution to anxiety.  Talking about your anxiety means addressing it, but it also means learning that you can handle it, and that it won’t last forever. Therapy helps you understand that your anxious thoughts and feelings are things that you are capable of experiencing and gives you concrete tools and techniques to be able to do so. Avoidance is the “glue” that sustains anxiety, so bringing anxiety into the light and talking about how it affects you is the opposite of that. You can change your relationship to anxiety and live a life that isn’t controlled by fear and worry. Imagine feeling free to do things you enjoy or that interest you without being held prisoner by your anxiety. Psychotherapy can help you do that.

Isn’t anxiety therapy expensive?

Right now, you are likely passing up opportunities to grow in your career and relationships – opportunities that could benefit your wallet as well as your health. We don’t intend to “keep you on the couch” for years at a time, as can be the case with other therapists. We will help you reach your full potential by learning to take your power back from the anxious thoughts, identify what matters most in your life, move towards it. We want to help you reach your goals as fast as possible. Therapy is an investment in your future. The ability to live a life with managed anxiety is truly priceless. Furthermore, Breyta psychologists utilize evidence-based treatments to help you meet your goals in a timely and efficient manner. We can give you effective and proven tools to help you enact the change you want to see.

Are You Ready To Learn How To Manage Your Anxiety?

Our doctoral-level psychologists have many years of experience assessing and treating anxiety disorders. They have worked in hospital, private, and government settings in which they were trained in cutting-edge techniques. Our clients often tell us they wish they had started therapy sooner when they see how good it feels to engage in meaningful change that allows them freedom from anxiety.

Don’t suffer unnecessarily. Anxiety is a treatable condition and our providers are highly skilled.

If you’re ready to begin your journey towards managing anxiety, call our skilled psychologists at (919) 245-7791x1 and schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.


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Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Does there always seem to be a dull hum of anxiety in the background? Ever been called a “worry wort” or “Nervous Nelly”? Feeling edgy, restless, unable to sleep or concentrate? Ever feel like your mind “goes blank” when nervous? Irritable, sweaty, tense or sore muscles? If your worry or anxiety has hung around for over 6 months and has reached a point where it is negatively affecting your ability to function personally or professionally, you should give us a call or email. We can help!


Panic Disorder

Panic can be terrifying. You might even feel like you’re having a heart attack when in the midst of a panic attack. If you’re experiencing panic attacks that seem to come “out of the blue,” followed by persistent fear of having more panic attacks, you should consider talking with us about how we can help. Panic is treatable with effective, evidence-based psychotherapy. You don’t have to let panic push you around any more. Take back control of your life. Call or email today!


Social Anxiety

Hope you aren’t called on in class or that you’re never forced to be the center of attention? Do you find that you avoid social gatherings or interactions because you’re really afraid of being unfairly judged or being embarrassed in front of others? Worrying about what others might be thinking all the time is exhausting and can shrink your social support and social life down to the smallest of circles. If you’re ready to stop living in fear, give us a call or email today!