Trauma-Informed Telehealth in North Carolina

Receive compassionate care on your mental health journey from the convenience of your home or office.

The Benefits of Virtual Therapy

Telehealth offers you the ability to access care from anywhere that you choose within the bounds of therapist licensure. This eliminates previous barriers to care such as travel, access to childcare, stigma, and health concerns, while offering the same therapeutic benefits.

Convenient Care

Virtual therapy offers unparalleled convenience, allowing you to access professional support from the comfort of your own home.


This mode of therapy provides greater scheduling flexibility, making it easier to fit appointments into your busy lifestyle.


Teletherapy provides a way for those in remote areas or with mobility challenges to receive mental health services.

Increased Privacy

Without having to go into the office, telehealth offers a high degree of privacy and anonymity, reducing the stigma or discomfort.

Familiar Surroundings

Being in your own space can feel safer & more comfortable, allowing for more openness and resulting in more effective therapy.

Eliminates Child-Care & Travel Time

Those who caretake or are on a busy schedule benefit from the time-saving advantages that teletherapy has to offer.

Feeling lost or stuck? Let Breyta be your North Star.

If you are caught in the ebbs and flows of the waves of emotion, or frozen in an iceberg of numbness, we will help you navigate the way forward. Contact our trauma-informed therapists today. We will be your North Star.

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Improve Your Mental Health at Your Convenience

Breyta offers a clinical telehealth practice. While our physical location in Raleigh, NC is open for in-person sessions, we also offer virtual therapy appointments for your convenience and based on your preference.

Telehealth appointments are easy, convenient, safe, and 100% confidential. Enjoy connecting with a highly skilled and caring psychologist from the comfort of your own desk or couch. We offer online psychotherapy for all of our services throughout the state of North Carolina, and in select other states where our therapists have licensure.

Find Your Flow with Breyta

You can’t control the waves, but we can help you surf them.

Our approach creates the ripples of change.

Specialized Treatment: Trauma-Informed Care

The entire Breyta experience has been carefully structured through trauma-informed methodology; from our dedicated team of trauma-informed therapists, all of whom provide care with the utmost sensitivity and intentionality, to our waiting room and offices, all designed from a trauma-informed lens.

Elevated Expertise: Doctoral-Level Psychologists

In order to provide the highest level of psychological care, every one of our clinical psychologists has received their doctorate in the mental health field. We use our specialized knowledge and expertise to offer the most comprehensive and innovative therapeutic approaches.

Innovative Techniques: Process-Based Psychotherapy

Through process-based therapy, the most innovative form of evidence-based therapy, we gain a comprehensive understanding of what makes you who you are, including the core processes keeping you stuck. We then intentionally choose a unique combination of evidence-based approaches to create the most effective treatment plan for you.

Personalized Approach: Client-Centric Practice

The experiences that have shaped you and how you processed them are completely unique. Our client-centric approach to therapy is just as personal, placing you at the center of your care. The specific therapy you receive is a direct reflection of you, evolving with you as you heal and grow.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Quality of Psychotherapy in Telehealth
Research indicates that efficacy of telehealth is comparable to in-person care. Delivery of care virtually is equivalent to in-office care and providers are able to engage in the same ways they would in-person. In fact, treatment retention rates for virtual care are slightly superior to traditional office-based care.

You may wonder if you can “connect” with your therapist in the same way you would be able to in a physical office. The answer is “absolutely”. Feedback from our clients has been that they feel just as connected as they do in person and that they love the ease and privacy of a telehealth appointment.

Capacity for Care
Virtual care allows for therapists to effectively, efficiently, and sustainably provide care that maintains theoretical integrity and fidelity to evidence-based clinical models of care.

While the same rules of confidentiality for in-person sessions apply to virtual or phone sessions, there are some unique aspects of the meeting to consider.

Your therapist will contact you from a secure line or connection, but you will need to ensure the same. Use a private, not public, Wi-Fi connection with high speed internet.

Make sure you are calling or on the computer in a private space with a door that closes so that your privacy will remain intact. This is important in maintaining your confidentiality. If there are other people present in the room with you during the session, please notify your therapist.

Please be present and ready to begin your session at the designated time. If you lose contact, your therapist will call you back or restart the session.

Do not participate in telehealth while walking or driving. Do your best to limit distractions, such as other people or pets in the home.