Psychological Evaluation in Raleigh

Take a deep dive into your personality, abilities, and overall state of mental health.

The Types of Psychological Evaluations Breyta Offers

Psychological evaluations may be used for a variety of purposes, such as forensic, educational, disability, or guidance and enrichment of therapeutic services. We currently offer several different types of evaluations, depending on your needs.

Psychodiagnostic Assessment

This assessment establishes a comprehensive psychological diagnosis and understanding of an your overall mental functioning.

Differential Diagnostic Assessment

Focused on clarifying psychological diagnoses, this assessment differentiates between similar conditions to ensure effective treatment.

Personality Assessment

This evaluation provides insights into your personality traits and characteristics, helping to understand behavior patterns and dynamics.

Cognitive Functioning Assessment

A psychological assessment that evaluates various aspects of cognitive abilities, including memory, attention, problem-solving, and reasoning skills.

PTSD Evaluation

A specialized evaluation designed to diagnose PTSD, assess its severity, and understand its impact on an individual’s life.

Veteran Disability Evaluations

These evaluations are tailored for veterans, assessing the extent of psychological disabilities and their impact on daily functioning.

Spinal Cord Stimulator Evaluations

An evaluation to determine readiness and suitability for a spinal cord stimulator implant, often used in chronic pain management.

What you should know

*Please note that we do not offer forensic evaluation or evaluation for custody.

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Take a Deep Dive into Self-Knowledge

Are you interested in learning more about your personality or abilities? Seeking diagnostic clarity or affirmation? Or perhaps do you want to gain insight into why individuals may encounter particular struggles or relationship problems? Our psychological evaluation in Raleigh is designed to offer you a comprehensive picture of your own functioning and abilities and to how you relate to your mental health.

Our psychologists provide effective mental health care to help you move forward into a bright future. We specialize in trauma-informed third-wave cognitive behavioral therapies that employ acceptance and mindfulness techniques. We don’t just help you feel better; we help you live better through meaningful change. Our clinic offers process-based cognitive behavioral therapy, treating you, not just the symptoms you may be experiencing – always with the goal of working towards greater psychological flexibility, helping you learn to flourish and function in your life now.

Find Your Flow with Breyta

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Our approach creates the ripples of change.

Specialized Treatment: Trauma-Informed Care

The entire Breyta experience has been carefully structured through trauma-informed methodology; from our dedicated team of trauma-informed therapists, all of whom provide care with the utmost sensitivity and intentionality, to our waiting room and offices, all designed from a trauma-informed lens.

Elevated Expertise: Doctoral-Level Psychologists

In order to provide the highest level of psychological care, every one of our clinical psychologists has received their doctorate in the mental health field. We use our specialized knowledge and expertise to offer the most comprehensive and innovative therapeutic approaches.

Innovative Techniques: Process-Based Psychotherapy

Through process-based therapy, the most innovative form of evidence-based therapy, we gain a comprehensive understanding of what makes you who you are, including the core processes keeping you stuck. We then intentionally choose a unique combination of evidence-based approaches to create the most effective treatment plan for you.

Personalized Approach: Client-Centric Practice

The experiences that have shaped you and how you processed them are completely unique. Our client-centric approach to therapy is just as personal, placing you at the center of your care. The specific therapy you receive is a direct reflection of you, evolving with you as you heal and grow.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Your psychologist will spend time understanding the nature of the request and will select a battery of tests that they tailor to your referral question. Tests are an important piece of the assessment process. Tests may be administered by the psychologists, or may be self-report measures. The psychologist also meets with you for a clinical interview, in which they gather pertinent information on you background, experiences, mental and physical functioning, relationships, and abilities. Test data is combined with the information gleaned during the clinical interview, as well as the psychologist’s clinical impressions and interpretations of the client’s behavior. If appropriate, collateral information may be requested from teachers, parents, co-workers, or partners; medical, school, or military records may also be reviewed. Once testing and evaluation is complete, the psychologist synthesizes the data into a narrative report that answers the referral question and makes recommendations for how to proceed based on the findings. The psychologist will then provide feedback to the client or referral source to present their findings.
A “nexus letter” is a letter written by a health professional stating the degree to which they believe a Veteran’s military service is related to their current mental or physical health problems. Our psychologists can provide this opinion for PTSD, and other mental disorders, in select cases. Breyta psychologists will provide a nexus opinion only after conducting a comprehensive psychological evaluation, which includes a clinical interview, assessment, and record review. The psychological report incorporates the required nexus language.
We provide full psychological evaluations performed by doctoral-level psychologists that you can use for evidence in your VA Disability Claim. We can perform initial evaluations for general mental disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We can also perform evaluations to be used as evidence with appeals for VA Disability Claims. Please note that we do not perform evaluations for eating disorders or traumatic brain injury (TBI) at this time.
If you would like to pursue psychological evaluation, reach out to us to discuss your questions and goals. We have a team of doctoral-level psychologists available to help you get started. Our administrative staff can answer any questions you may have regarding the process, help match you with an appropriate provider, and schedule your appointment. Many of our providers are also licensed in other states, so while we can provide services throughout North Carolina, we may also be able to accommodate out of state requests on a case-by-case basis.