Depression Treatment in Raleigh

Manage and overcome depression & navigate life’s challenges with a trauma-informed therapist as your partner in care.

Regain Peace of Mind Through Depression Treatment

Depression counseling and treatment assists you in taking back your life by giving you a fresh perspective on how to manage your symptoms. You’ll learn helpful coping skills that will get you through times when you’re feeling sad and help you build hope and momentum towards future goals and healthy behaviors.

Improve Mood

Through depression therapy, you can gain greater emotional regulation and stability, which changes the way you relate to your depression, improving overall mood and outlook.

Reduce Avoidance Behaviors

Depression treatment effectively reduces avoidance behaviors and rekindles a connection with personal values and activities that bring joy, fostering a more engaged and fulfilling life.

Improve Relationships

By addressing issues such as social withdrawal and irritability, depression therapy can help in rebuilding and strengthening relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

Develop Coping Strategies

You will become equipped with the skills and strategies that allow you to better manage and cope with depression.

Build Self-Compassion

As you change your relationship to your depression, you’ll begin to experience a boost in self-compassion, self-trust, and self-confidence.

Improve Quality of Life

Less depression symptoms means greater peace, improving your quality of life, from better sleep to embracing the moment, with increased energy and motivation.

Feeling lost or stuck? Let Breyta be your North Star.

If you are caught in the ebbs and flows of the waves of emotion, or frozen in an iceberg of numbness, we will help you navigate the way forward. Contact our trauma-informed therapists today. We will be your North Star.

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Therapy to Change the Tides of Depression

Are you feeling empty, alone, or hopeless, but you don’t understand why? Do you find it difficult to function normally at work, school, or during other situations where you feel you should be happy? Have you been sleeping too much, and waking up feeling just as tired as when you went to bed the night before? Has your energy level been depleted, making it difficult to complete tasks at work, school, or around the house? Do you worry about not being fully present for your partner or children? If so, you’re not alone, nor do you have to walk the healing journey alone.

With the help of a skilled depression therapist, you can target the root cause of your depression. Better yet, therapy with a doctoral-level psychologist can help you develop a specific plan to manage your symptoms so you can get back out there and live well. Thanks to newer models of therapy like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), you no longer have to wake up every day with a sense of dread, feeling stuck in place – but rather with a renewed zest for life and the energy to engage in positive change.

Find Your Flow with Breyta

You can’t control the waves, but we can help you surf them.

Our approach creates the ripples of change.

Specialized Treatment: Trauma-Informed Care

The entire Breyta experience has been carefully structured through trauma-informed methodology; from our entire team of trauma-informed therapists, all of whom provide care with the utmost sensitivity and intentionality, to our waiting room and offices, all designed from a trauma-informed lens.

Elevated Expertise: Doctoral-Level Psychologists

In order to provide the highest level of psychological care, every one of our clinical psychologists has received their doctorate in the mental health field. We use our specialized knowledge and expertise to offer the most comprehensive and innovative therapeutic approaches.

Innovative Techniques: Process-Based Psychotherapy

Through process-based therapy, the most innovative form of evidence-based therapy, we gain a comprehensive understanding of what makes you who you are, including the core processes keeping you stuck. We then intentionally choose a unique combination of evidence-based approaches to create the most effective treatment plan for you.

Personalized Approach: Client-Centric Practice

The experiences that have shaped you and how you processed them are completely unique. Our client-centric approach to therapy is just as personal, placing you at the center of your care. The specific therapy you receive is a direct reflection of you, evolving with you as you heal and grow.

Frequently Asked Questions:

It’s likely that the therapy you tried before used treatment methods that weren’t evidence-based. If your previous therapist did not have a specific treatment plan or goal in mind, but instead consisted of talking about negative feelings and experiences, you may want to consider trying again. At Breyta, our goal is to equip you with specific, concrete tools to help manage your depression so it won’t get in the way of living the life you want. Furthermore, Breyta is staffed exclusively by doctoral-level psychologists. Our clinicians hold the highest degrees and most advanced training in the mental health industry. We put our considerable expertise and training to work for you.
Therapy is an investment in yourself and your future. Depression costs you the ability to experience peace in the present moment, whereas the ability to live a life free of depression is truly priceless. Breyta psychologists utilize evidence-based treatments to help you meet your goals in a timely and efficient manner. Our goal is to help you unlock your full potential by guiding you toward taking your power back from the depression as quickly as possible by identifying what matters most in your life, and moving you towards it.

Many people are hesitant to engage in depression treatment due to a persistent lack of energy, while others think that talking about their depression will only create more discomfort and worsen psychological pain. But avoidance of pain doesn’t treat the cause of the problem; it only masks the symptoms, and only for a short while. At Breyta, we believe that acknowledging and learning to accept unpleasant thoughts and feelings is more effective than trying to avoid them. We also know that when you don’t move towards things that matter you feel “stuck” and it can make your depression worse. For that reason, we help you engage in action based on what matters to you, and design achievable plans to help you do it.

Depressive symptoms can arise in response to many different life stressors. It’s common for depression to present itself to new parents after the arrival of a baby (Postpartum Depression), in the wake of a tragedy such as loss of a loved one, in the aftermath of a traumatic event, following difficulty with a difficult life adjustment such as a divorce, in response to changing seasons (Seasonal Affective Disorder; SAD), or perhaps it has been in the background of your life for many years like a white noise machine and it’s difficult to pinpoint the origin.

Many people experience depression at some point in their lives. While it’s common to feel depressed after a major life event, such as the end of a relationship or loss of a job, depression doesn’t always need a reason. That’s because clinical depression is a result of a chemical imbalance in the brain, sometimes due to genetics.

Absolutely not. Mental health is just as much a part of your body and well-being as everything else. If you have a toothache, you go to the dentist; if you’re depressed, you go to therapy. Getting help can restore a sense of normalcy in your life, and help you build a better future.

Remember that depression can happen to anybody, no matter how successful or happy they appear to be on the outside. Reaching out for help is an act of bravery, and is something to be celebrated. Depression therapy can help you can start to feel better about life and once again find satisfaction the things that bring you joy. Even if you’ve struggled with depression for a long time; it’s never too late to live the life you envision for yourself. We’re here to help you every step of the way. Depression counseling and therapy can renew your hope in the future.

The length of time it takes to overcome depression varies from person-to-person. While some clients begin to see results after a few weeks, for others it takes longer. The important thing to remember is there is no right or wrong way to heal. By working closely with our psychologists, we’ll continue to evolve your personalized treatment plan with your progress, consistently moving you toward overcoming depression.

For each client, we use a personalized combination of evidence-based methods, namely Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). CBT enables you to identify negative or distorted beliefs you may have about yourself, while ACT helps you change your relationship to unhelpful thoughts and feelings, be more present, and engage in meaningful behaviors, both of which help you along the path to improved wellness.

Yes! We offer both in-person and virtual care options. You can enjoy the safety and comfort of your own space while taking courageous steps toward healing with your psychologist of choice. We offer HIPAA-compliant telehealth platforms to meet your needs. We conduct the same type of treatments in the same way we would in person so you can take comfort in the fact that you aren’t missing any important aspect of care. Telehealth appointments are available in Raleigh, throughout the state of North Carolina, and in select other states.