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Our payment information

Breyta is a private pay clinic and does not accept insurance. We accept all major credit cards, cash, check, Flex Spending Cards, or Health Savings Account Cards as forms of payment. Payment is due at the conclusion of each session.

Please note that even if you are not intending to pay by credit card, we require you to complete a credit card authorization form. This authorization remains on file for the purpose of addressing no-shows, late cancellations, or billing for telehealth sessions. A credit card is required to hold your appointment reservation.

Our Rates

Individual Therapy

Doctoral-Level Psychologist:

Individual Intake Appointment (60 min)


Individual Psychotherapy Return Appointment (45 min)


Individual Psychotherapy Return Appointment (60 min)


Note: Clinical phone calls, or document preparation which exceeds 15 min will be billed at your provider’s hourly rate, prorated in 15 min increments.

Couples Therapy

Doctoral-Level Psychologist:

Couples or Family Intake Appointment (90 min)


Couples or Family Psychotherapy Return Appointment (60 min)


Couples or Family Psychotherapy Return Appointment (90 min)


Note: Clinical phone calls, or document preparation which exceeds 15 min will be billed at your provider’s hourly rate, prorated in 15 min increments.

Other Psychological Services

Doctoral-Level Psychologist:

Group Therapy (60 min)

$60 / session

Group Therapy (75 min)

$75 / session

Group Therapy (90 min)


Psychological Assessment

$250 / hr

Supervision or Consultation (50 min)


Note: Clinical phone calls, or document preparation which exceeds 15 min will be billed at your provider’s hourly rate, prorated in 15 min increments.

Have questions about pricing?

Frequently Asked Questions:

According to the National Council for Behavioral Health, “Trauma is a near universal experience of individuals with behavioral health problems.” Trauma is incredibly pervasive in our society. Nearly 90% of American adults will experience a traumatic event in their lives. There is a high likelihood that you will experience some form of trauma in your lifetime. Individuals are impacted by trauma in different ways, but there is always an impact. Working with a trauma-informed psychologist increases the likelihood that you will receive the right type of care for your needs.

Moreover, trauma-informed care means that you can rest assured that your provider will be able to recognize what has been traumatic for you and can put any difficulties you are facing into this very important context. Often if you work with a provider who does not have the necessary expertise in trauma and PTSD, common post-traumatic behaviors can be unfairly pathologized and met with the question, “What’s wrong with you?” Trauma-informed care providers are able to ask the very important question of, “What happened to you?” This changes the whole dynamic of how you relate to yourself and your problems. Given that most people will experience a traumatic event in their lives, trauma-informed care is important even if you don’t have PTSD. Not everyone develops PTSD after trauma. In fact, it’s common to experience things like depression, anxiety, insomnia, issues with control, relationship problems, anger, and more. A trauma-informed therapist will recognize this as a trauma response and can help you build compassion and understanding around your experience while working towards recovery.

Yes! We provide our services for a multitude of reasons. Our trauma-informed approach is beneficial for those dealing with any mental health challenges, offering heightened sensitivity and intentionality to your specific situation throughout treatment.

Yes! We offer both in-person and virtual care options. You can enjoy the safety and comfort of your own space while taking courageous steps toward healing with your psychologist of choice. We offer HIPAA-compliant telehealth platforms to meet your needs. Online therapy (telehealth) is very effective in treating trauma and PTSD. We conduct the same type of treatments in the same way we would in person so you can take comfort in the fact that you aren’t missing any important aspect of care. Telehealth appointments are available in Raleigh, throughout the state of North Carolina, and in select other states.

Absolutely! Our clinic and psychologists are dedicated to providing affirmative and inclusive care for all of our clients. You are valued here. You are respected here. You are safe here. Safety is the foundation of trust and you need trust in order to feel that you can be open with your psychologist. We want you to know that all of you is welcome here.

If you are experiencing a psychological crisis, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room and request the psychiatrist on call. Breyta Psychological Services, P.A. does not provide crisis services or after-hours care. We will respond to messages as soon as possible, typically within one business day.

There are many reasons we elect not to participate in insurance networks. Some of the most important ones concern the integrity of our client’s care and the privacy of their information:

  • Privacy
  • High Quality, Client-Centered Care
  • Short Waiting Times and Flexibility


When you file insurance claims, you are required to have a psychiatric diagnosis in order to be reimbursed. Sometimes this is the case, but often our clients’ experience doesn’t fit into a categorical diagnosis. Furthermore, we have many high-profile clients who do not wish to have diagnoses connected to their health record in ways that may impact security clearances or their ability to obtain insurance in the future. These are unfortunate realities of our healthcare system but important ones to consider. A diagnosis becomes an immutable part of your medical and insurance record. Clients who pay privately for services are not required to have a diagnosis and are able to ensure complete privacy of their health information from insurance companies.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we choose to allow you to be the one to file claims with your insurance provider, if you wish to do so. We assist you in providing an easy document that makes the process seamless but puts you in control of your health information.

High Quality, Client-Centered Care

Insurance companies often dictate a specific number of sessions for certain diagnoses (everything is boiled down to numbers). We know that there is no replacement for the qualitative data gleaned from sitting across from you as we grow to know you well. We offer specialized care that is client-centered. We want to empower you and help you meet your goals effectively and quickly without pressure to “wrap things up” before you’re organically ready. We tailor our treatments for you, not for insurance companies. Given that we are not bound by the limitation of insurance, we can be available to you in a more flexible and open manner. We can match you with one of our doctoral-level specialists who can develop the right treatment plan for you based on your needs and will be available to you when you need them.

Short Waiting Times and Flexibility

Providers who accept insurance are often bogged down with long wait times. As a private-pay clinic, we’re able to offer immediate availability and flexibility in scheduling. We know you are busy with life or work and are happy to find times to meet that feel reasonable.

At your request, we will give you a copy of the billing statement that you can send to your insurance company to request reimbursement.

Your insurance company may reimburse you for a portion of your bill. It’s also important to note that the cost of therapy services can be applied to your deductible.

There are a few ways to submit your claim for reimbursement. You could send the information directly to your insurance company. You could also use an app like Thrizer to do the work for you.

If you want to learn about your out-of-network benefits, just give your insurance a call and ask them a few questions to see what their coverage is like. Here is a helpful guide to aid you in the process:

  1. What are my out-of-network mental health benefits?
  2. What is the reimbursement rate for an out-of-network provider?
  3. Do I have a deductible?
  4. What is the allowable coverage amount per therapy session with a doctoral level provider?
  5. How many therapy sessions would my plan cover?
  6. Would approval from my primary care physician be required?

Our clinic has a 24-hr cancellation and rescheduling policy, with the exception of emergency situations. We ask that you please notify us 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment if you need to reschedule or cancel.  In the event of a no-show or late cancellation, the full session fee applies.

Intake paperwork must be completed 24 hours prior to your appointment in order to hold your appointment time. Quality of care is extremely important to us. We are often in sessions during the day so we use this window of time to carefully review your paperwork prior to the day of your first session. It’s also a requirement that your consent to treatment be completed before commencing care.

We understand sometimes life happens and things need to be rescheduled. We are happy to help find a new time for your appointments, and with enough notice we can often find a new time within the same day or week. If you need clarification or have questions about our scheduling policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.