Our life occurs in the context of our relationships to others. The ability to have relationships, maintain them, and end them, is vital to our emotional well being. The ability to do this at all is a human right, but the ability to do it well is a skill that can be polished and developed. Like all skills, it takes practice and effort but therapy is the secret ingredient that can take your relationships to the next level. You can use therapy to enhance your ability to be open and vulnerable, heightening intimacy in your romantic relationships. Perhaps you want to work on communication skills to improve your romantic and familial relationships. You may also decide to use therapy to explore your relationship patterns, learn how your past has affected your relationships, and figure out what you want and need in relationships going forward. Regardless of your goal, therapy can help you interact with those you care about in more effective and meaningful ways.

Relationship Transitions

Are you in transition to a new phase in your life? Becoming a new parent? Recently single? Going through a divorce? Just started a new relationship? Trying to figure out life with your spouse as an empty-nester? These are just some of the ways we can shift into new relationship roles over our lifetime. While it can be refreshing, we often need a sounding board and help adjusting to these new roles. A new phase can present emotional turbulence that you may not have anticipated. This can happen to all of us. We’re creatures of habit and change is not always easy. Don’t let the stress of adjustment take the wind out of your sails. Call us today and we can help you be a success in your new role.

Role Strain

Finding it hard to balance the scales in your life? You have many roles between family life, your relationship, work, and social relationships. If things are feeling out of sorts, you may be experiencing role strain. This often happens when we are overworked, or caretaking for others. Maybe you’re a busy professional who’s a “workaholic” and feels a lack of family time or professional burnout. Maybe you’re a busy parent who spends every waking minute taking care of the kids and realizes you forgot to take care of you too. Perhaps you’re taking care of an elderly relative to the point of exhaustion. Any of these instances are indicators that you are experiencing role strain and could benefit from talking with one of our therapists. We can help you move toward balance and peace.

Boundary Setting

Have you stayed in relationships that you knew weren’t healthy for you? Ever feel like you are a “door mat” and you get walked all over in relationships? Does it seem like either you try to please others and do excessively for them to the point of exhaustion or you avoid them and put up walls. Often this all-or-nothing pattern can leave us confused and drained with a wake of broken relationships in our past. If you are interested in learning more about how to set healthy boundaries in your relationships, therapy can be a powerful tool. It can help you identify and recognize unhealthy patterns that may be occurring, foster the emotional courage necessary to build new patterns, and provide you with healthy coping skills for when things feel overwhelming.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
— George Bernard Shaw

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