Therapist Spotlight: Anusha Zechella, Ph.D.

Meet Anusha Zechella, Ph.D., HSP-P

Get to know Breyta’s Director of Couples Therapy:

Dr. Anusha Zechella is a clinical psychologist who specializes in trauma, attachment injuries, identity formation and development, anxiety, depression, women’s issues, and postpartum concerns. She works with both individuals and couples. 

Breyta Ask Me Anything:

What is your favorite thing about being a therapist?


The part of my work that I find most valuable is people trusting me with their stories. I take this responsibility very seriously and truly believe it’s an honor when a client shares parts of their inner worlds with me. To be able to create a safe space for someone to explore parts of themselves that they have not previously done so…this feels like a gift every time. I don’t think I’ll ever take this for granted and value all the clients whose stories I have held over the years. 

What do you think is the most effective part of therapy?

I truly believe that therapy is a complex, interrelated web of multiple factors – therapeutic approach, presenting concern, history of therapy, etc., but one piece I think is especially effective is cultivating a strong therapeutic alliance. Much of my training is based in an interpersonal approach, which places emphasis on the human connection “in the room” between the therapist and client. This connection grows out of mutual trust and can be a powerful therapeutic force, by creating a safe space for the client to explore and grow. 

What is one thing you wish people knew about therapy? 


Don’t wait until you feel like you have no other options! Therapy can be a wonderful place to explore the issues you want to work on, even if they don’t feel like you have a strong sense of what these issues might be. The hardest part is the first step, so if you’ve been thinking about therapy, now is the time! Reach out to schedule consultations with a few therapists in your area to determine who feels like the best fit for you. 

What is one thing nobody knows about you?

I have a minor obsession with all things related to the Great British Bake Off. Spin offs, Masterclass…you name it, I’ve watched it. Maybe more than once. Don’t tell anyone else.

Dr. Anusha N. Zechella