Trauma-Informed Care at Breyta Psychological Services, P.A.

Breyta Clinicians are Trauma-Informed

Every psychologist at Breyta has training in the assessment and treatment of trauma and PTSD. We understand the way in which the experience of adverse events in life can impact your functioning and make you feel “stuck”.  We also know that it’s extremely common to have experienced a trauma and that not everyone who experiences one will develop PTSD or seek treatment for it. Nevertheless, having such an experience understandably changes the way someone relates to the world, so we are passionate about taking a trauma-informed approach with all clients (even if that’s not the main reason we are seeing you). 

Take a look at our trauma-informed waiting room at Breyta Psychological Services, P.A. 

trauma informed waiting room at breyta psychological services

Did you know that trauma-informed care doesn’t just occur in the therapy room? A truly trauma-informed approach encompasses all aspects of care, including the moment a client walks through our front door.

What Constitutes a Trauma-Informed Room?

What distinguishes a trauma-informed room from run-of-the-mill waiting areas? There are several important aspects of note.  

  • All of our seating areas have arms. Having arms on the chairs provides a sense of comfort and stability. It is also important for our clients with a history of pain or traumatic injury to be able to use them for managing their seated position, and rising and sitting carefully.
  • Each seating unit is distinct. We recognize that personal space is important and provide clients with plenty of seating areas that reflect this respect of bodily boundaries.
  • Each seating unit faces the entryway. Clients are able to clearly see who is entering and exiting the waiting area at all times without worrying about what might be going on behind their chairs.
  • Seating is arranged so that clients do not have to directly face one another.
  • Our waiting area in decorated in soothing tones and calming textures to create a sense of peace.
  • The space is clean and clear of clutter at all times.
  • Bright, natural light streams in through our large window.
  • We have many live plants throughout the space, imparting a connection with the natural environment.
  • Signage informs clients of their rights and services offered. We never post any triggering or shaming information.
  • Exits, restroom, and office entrances are clearly marked so clients never have to worry about how to access areas of our clinic.
  • We encourage clients’ use of our tea and coffee hospitality area, or complimentary cool water stocked in our mini fridge.
  • Temperature is maintained at a neutral level, neither too hot nor too cold.
  • We provide a wide range of reading material suitable for all of our clients. We constantly update our magazines so there are always fresh and informative copies for our guests. We take care to only display materials that are inclusive and body-positive.