We Have A New Clinical Director!

Breyta Psychological Services announces Anusha Zechella, Ph.D. as new clinical director for their therapy services.

Breyta is pleased to announce that Dr. Anusha Zechella will be transitioning from her role as Director of Couples and Family Therapy to serve as Clinical Director as of October 1, 2022.

We’re thrilled for the guidance, mentorship, and clinical acumen Dr. Zechella will continue to imbue into our clinic. In addition to her ongoing clinical work, Dr. Zechella will offer valuable consultation to our team and will strive to create new services and modes of feedback to continually improve the quality of clinical services within Breyta.

In reflecting on her recent change in positions, Dr. Zechella noted: “Work/life balance, strong interpersonal skills, evidenced-based practice, grounding in theory, and an environment of trust are the foundations for Breyta Psychological Services. I am so excited to lead this group of amazing psychologists as Clinical Director as we continue to focus on building a practice that best serves the needs of our clients.”

We’re so excited for what the future has in store!