What Is Resilience?

To Exist is to experience challenges.

Life is not without its storms. Sometimes when we’re hit with strong winds of adversity, we struggle to find our footing. We struggle to weather the storm without being destroyed by it.

Often we hear of those who survive difficult events and trauma as being “resilient”. Often, there is a misconception that resiliency is synonymous with stoicism or impenetrable strength. This makes it seem like luck, or perhaps an inherent quality allotted to some but not all.

This is not the case. Resilience can be learned.

Being resilient doesn’t mean you aren’t affected by painful or difficult things. It means you bend but don’t break. You work to accept the difficulty and work within it; in spite of it. You bounce back ready to move forward. This is a protective and advantageous quality.

Everyone can learn it. The key is psychological flexibility. We can teach you how to turn this concept into a superpower that will strengthen your mental health and help you feel prepared to meet life on life’s terms. How you relate to your thoughts, and the behaviors and actions you choose to engage in based on your values – this is what makes the difference in your ability to recover from traumatic or stressful events.

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